Here are a few pics of my bikes, past and present. Unfortunately I didn't take pics of my bikes owned when I started riding so the ones here are only recent!

Taken just before I sold the Duke, cracking bike only let down by a fueling issue that seemed to be a common KTM issue as I had the same thing with the 690 LC I had before this one!

And this is what replaced the Duke, my Z800 was nice, apart from unfortunately the build quality and specifically the paint. I use my bikes daily and for training at weekends so they get used a lot. I noticed quite quickly that the paint was marking and in the case of the rear pegs falling off! Such a shame as it was a lovely bike, bit top heavy but once on the go very smooth, and excellent on the twisty bits. I did my RoSPA training in the UK on it and was great to stretch it legs a little bit.

Having read the reviews for the Multistrada I decided to take the plunge, sell the Z800 and buy one. So I ordered it for delivery January 2016. So on a rather cold, wet and miserable morning I went to the docks to pick up my gorgeous Ducati Multistrada S.
I've always wanted a Ducati, and because of old age, skinny girly wrists and generally knackered body there was no way I was going to be able to get on with a Panigale, and doing motorcycle training the Multistrada was a much more 'sensible' option. Well if you can class a 1200cc V twin sensible ;).
Unsurprisingly this is the best bike I have ever had by a massive margin. The electronic toys are amazing, it''s happy to chug along at slow speeds, and it doesn't take much twist of the throttle to get moving! So this is going to be a keeper for some time as it is 'perfect' in my opinion and does everything I want of it. Build quality is